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Best Time to Visit Ecuador

Ecuador, a small country in South America, is a popular destination for tourists due to its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

From the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador offers travellers a wide range of experiences.

But when is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Ecuador during the dry season is from June to September.

This is the perfect time to visit the Galápagos Islands, where you can witness abundant wildlife, including sea lions, iguanas, and unique bird species.

Additionally, the dry season is the ideal time to explore the Andes Mountains, where you can go trekking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting.

The rainy season in Ecuador runs from December to May and can bring heavy downpours and potential road closures, particularly in the Amazon Basin.

However, this is also when the rainforest is at its lush and vibrant best, offering unique bird-watching and wildlife-viewing opportunities.

If you’re interested in exploring the rainforest, this may be the best time to visit Ecuador.


The shoulder seasons, from October to November and from February to May, offer a mix of dry and rainy weather, making them an excellent time to visit if you don’t mind a bit of rain.

The weather during these months is also mild, making it an ideal time to explore the cities and go on cultural tours.

In addition to timing your trip around the weather, consider timing your visit around one of Ecuador’s many festivals and cultural events.

For example, the Inti Raymi Festival, which takes place in June, honours the sun god Inti and is a must-see for anyone visiting Ecuador.

In conclusion, the best time to visit Ecuador depends on your travel style and interests.

Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply soaking up the country’s beauty, there’s a perfect time to visit this vibrant and fascinating destination.

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