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Best Time to Visit Cambodia

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning temples, and fascinating history.

Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient ruins, experiencing local culture, or admiring stunning landscapes, there is something for everyone in Cambodia.

Here are some of the best times to visit the country:

  1. November to February: This is the dry season in Cambodia and is the best time to visit for those who want to avoid rain and enjoy warm temperatures.

    This is also popular for outdoor activities such as temple visits and beach trips.

  2. March to May: This is the hot season in Cambodia and can be very warm, but it’s also the best time to visit for those who want to avoid crowds and enjoy a more peaceful experience.

  3. June to October: This is the rainy season in Cambodia, but it’s still a great time to visit for those who don’t mind a little rain and want to experience the country’s lush greenery and stunning waterfalls.

No matter what time you visit Cambodia, the country promises to offer a memorable experience.

However, before planning your trip, check for travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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